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NGN 218,300.00

Bundle Includes: * Indoor Camera * Outdoor Camera * Smart Plug * Video Door Bell * Alarm Kit * Smart Lighting * Smart Lock & Gateway

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  • NGTeco Smart Home Solutions Help protect what matters most: The Bundle comes with an Alarm System, that has 2 door/window sensors, motion Sensor that not only trigger an intrusion alarm but also sends a notification to the APP. The Video Doorbell comes with an inbuilt battery that can last for months on a single charge
  • Security notifications: Choose the frequency of alerts you get for any activity in your home like motion, fire alarms, and opened doors and windows. 24/7 monitoring possible via APP, Cloud Storage and Playback feature that is enable when an SD Card is inserted
  • Smart home automation: Control your compatible smart home devices and appliances security system through one app. Use your system with Alexa and Google Assistant.

DL30Z is a digital keypad smart lock with Zigbee communication. With the additional Zigbee Gateway, you can
easily remotely unlock the door lock, check the log history, share the temporary or dynamic passcode, modify
the lock’s features via ZSmart App, which is a new mobile application for the smart home system.
With its powerful and smart core, you can receive the real-time notifications of low battery, illegal verification
attempts, hijack alarm of family members, offline status, and so on. Besides, you can customize conditions to
trigger some messages or actions like when a family member goes home.


NGTeco WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell provides the real-time 1080P Full HD home smart doorbell system. You could hang it on the wall, then enjoy watching visitors remotely and talking with them. The smart, simple, and safe life truly starts from the moment you chose NGTeco.


Do you want to know what happened at your house even in dark?

Now, with NGTeco Dome Security IP Camera. You can watch each room in your house and keep your family safe.

No matter in the office or take a trip, just take out your cell phone and remote control the camera freely.

Never Lose Sight of What Matters!


The wireless alarm system adopts the advanced digital security technology, it is of high reliability and low false alarm rate. Though the design

is simple, the function is very strong.

The wifi alarm system panel is responsible for communication with all sensors and decides when and how to send you alert notification.

Door/Window sensors detect any forceful break-in.

Motion sensors detect any suspicious movement or activity in your home.

The remote key fob is for quick arm, disarm, doorbell or SOS call your security alarm system.

NGTeco alarm system kit will provide full protection in 24 hours all around the year for your house and property.




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