NEXT GENERATION smart home technology

Smart Lock

Remotely control your lock from anywhere using highly secured gateway control. receive the real-time notifications of low battery, illegal verification attempts, hijack alarm of family members, offline status, and so on. Manage multiple users for access to your home from your mobile, automatically unlock in case of emergency

Smart Monitor

Monitor your home from the comfort of your mobile with live video streaming. Indoor and Outdoor security Wi-Fi smart cameras automatically detect movement, sends alerts to your phone and record video to your free private cloud storage to review anytime. With Two-way audio and 1080p Full HD & Night Vision.

Smart Secure

Secure your home 24/7 from intruders or break-in attempt, with one key Alarm and Disalarm System. using PIR & Door sensor motion detection technology, get real-time alerts and notifications on Mobile when doors or windows are opened.


NEXT GENERATION smart home technology

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