The indicator light will stay on for three seconds after you power on the PIR motion sensor. If the light is not working, first check the battery level, and then check whether the battery is making good contact with the device. If the problem persists, contact customer service for help.

Please check in the following ways: Low detection sensitivity. We recommend that you go to the settings page of the device to adjust the detection sensitivity. Weak network signal of your device or mobile phone. If both the detection sensitivity and network signal are good, report this issue to us.

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When warm objects like people or animals pass by the detection area of the PIR motion sensor, the IR signal detected by the pyroelectric probe changes. The sensor then reports the change to App. The detailed reporting process is as follows: The PIR motion sensor reports its status to App after successful net pairing. When the sensor detects a possible human motion (an IR signal change), it sends a ''Motion Detected'' notice to App, turns on a 50-second timer, and enters the sleep state (it stops detecting motion within the 50-second sleep period). If the sensor detects an IR signal change within 10 seconds after waking up from the sleep state, it enters another sleep-wake up cycle without reporting to App. If the sensor detects no IR signal change within 10 seconds after waking up from the sleep state, it sends a ''No Motion'' notice to App. The automation-trigger condition-no motion interaction mechanism takes effect if App does not receive a ''Motion Detected'' notice after the sensor has sent the ''No Motion'' notice to App and the service is activated at the backend

If you want to know if the device is offline in the app, please open the app and see if the device appears offline in the list of devices in the app. Thank you for your support.

Check whether the sensor is installed correctly. If yes, go to step 5. Check whether an object has been triggering the PIR . Check whether moving objects such as pets are triggering the PIR alarm. Check whether the device is offline. If the problem persists, power on the device to reset it.

Dear customer, we are sorry for your inconvenience. App supports storing device records in the cloud for six months.

This product is designed for indoor use only. We recommend that you install it at a height between 1.6 to 1.8 meters. Do not install the sensor near any air outlets, such as fans, windows, and air conditioners. Hot airflows and moving objects may cause false alarms. If possible, close the curtains. Do not expose it to heat sources such as direct sunlight, a heater, or a stove. Do not place large objects in the detection area, such as furniture and large bonsai.

After a PIR motion sensor reports a communication failure three times, the app determines that it is offline after 12 hours. If the gateway is powered off or disconnected from the network, the PIR motion sensor will be displayed as offline in the app within 3 minutes. After the gateway is reconnected, the detector will be online within 30s.